Our Vision

A world where you can receive the assistance and help you need to succeed, regardless of your background

Our Mission Statement

 Serving humanity one step at a time

Our Values

Service (Sewa), Diversity, Collaboration, Inclusivity, Empathy, Equity


SSISY was established in 2015 by Tripat Sandhu and Jaspreet Sahota, two high-school students at the time. Each year Sandhu and Sahota participated in the local food drive by donating food items from the kitchen pantry and realized there must be additional ways to make a more personal and significant difference. This desire led both Sandhu and Sahota to co-found SSISY and raise $1,500 for the local food bank. Since then, SSISY has taken numerous initiatives to do incredible work, both, locally in the Fraser Valley region and on an international level.

What Does Sikh Sewa Mean?

It is simple. In the Punjabi language, Sikh means to learn and Sewa means to serve. Together, Sikh Sewa means learning to serve.